Counselling Code

ECE Labs

1 Electronoc Devices and Circuits Lab Regulated Power Supply (0-30V), Digital Multimeters, Voltmeters (0-50V), Voltmeters (0-100V), Ammeters (0-100µA), Ammeters (0-10mA), CROs (0-20 MHz) Dual Channel, Function Generators (0-1 MHz), Decade Resistance Box, Decade Capacitance Box, Decade Inductance Box, Ammeter (0-1mA), Ammeter (1-200µA), Bread Boards, Electronic Components III  
2 Basic Simulation MATLAB Software, Computer Systems with Latest Configuration III  
3 Digital System Design Lab Regulated Power Supply, CRO, Bread Board, Ics, Digital Multimeters III  
4 Analog & Digital Communication Lab CRO (0-20MHz), Function Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Regualtated Power Supply, AM Trainer Kit, FM Trainer Kit, DSB-SC Trainer Kit, SSB Trainer Kit, FDM Trainer Kit, PAM Trainer Kit, PWM Trainer Kit, PPM Trainer Kit, PCM Trainer Kit, DM Trainer Kit, FSK Trainer Kit, BPSK Trainer Kit, DPSK Ttainer Kit, QPSK Trainer Kit   IIII
5 ICA LAB Regulated Power Supply (0-30V), CROs (0-20MHz) Dual Channel, Bread Boards, General Purpose IC Trainer Kits, Digital Multimeters, Ics  IIII
6 Electronic Circuit Analysis TINA Software, Regulated Power Supply (0-30V), CROs (0-20 MHz) Dual Channel, Function Generators, Bread Boards, Power Amplifier Trainer Kit, Tuned Amplifier Trainer Kit, Computer Systems with latest Configuration, Hartley & Collipitts Oscilator Trainer Kit, Miller Sweep Trainer Kits, Components  IIII
7 Data Communication & Networks NS2 Tool Software, Computer Systems with latest configuration IIII
8 Microprocessor & Microcontrollers Computer Systems with latest Configuration, Microprocessor Kit (8086) along with buitin Assembler, Microcontroller Kits (8051), Microprocessor Simulation Software (MASM), Microcontroller Simulation Software (KEIL), LCD Interfacing Kit, Matrix Keyboard Interfacing Kits, DMA Controller Kits, ADC Interface to 8086 Kit, DAC Interface to 8086 Kit, 8255 Study Cards, Interfacing two Processors using 8251 USART Kit, Stepper Motor Control Interface Kit IIII
9 Digital Signal Processing Computers with latest configuration, MATLAB Software, CROs (0-20MHz), Function Generator (0-1MHz)   IIIII
10 ECAD Computers with latest Configuration, Xilinx Software, Mentror Graphics Software, FPGA Boards, Pattern Generator & Logic Analyzer of 32 Channel  IIIII
11 Microwave & Optical Communications Klystron Based Micrwave Bench Setup with Power Supply, Gunn Diode Based Micrwave Bench Setup with Power Supply, Micro Ammeter (0-500µA),VSWR Meter, Slotted Section , Magic T Junction, Circulator, Directional Coupler, Attenuators, Matched Termination , E Plane T Junction, H Plane T Junction, PIN Detector Mounts, LED Charactreristics Trainer Kit, LASER Diode Charactreristics Trainer Kit, Numerical Aperture Trainer Kit, Optical Cables IIV

Department Toppers